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Our Miss Brooks

Twins At School Miss Brooks brings back her imaginary twin sister, Bonnie, to circumvent a school policy. Before she knows it, her "sister" is about to be offered...

The Donna Reed Show

Pop Goes Theresa "Jeff is blamed when his date goes on a wild spree during a date with Theresa. She has lived a sheltered life with a strict father, and uses this...

Mister Ed

Ed The Shish Kebab Wilbur is invited to attend a convention held by a bunch of magicians (The Great Blackstones), and decides to take Carol and Ed along also.

I Love Lucy

The Handcuffs After Lucy snaps a pair of antique handcuffs on herself and Ricky, they realize there's no key. A locksmith is found, but not before the Ricardos...

Petticoat Junction

It's Not The Principle, It's The Money Hoping to win the business of a convention, Kate spruces up the Shady Rest. Meanwhile, peeved about a tax increase and scheming for its repeal,...

My Three Sons

Mother Bub Chip and his friend, Sudsy, see a model auto at the toy store.

My Three Sons

Honorable Grandfather Chip is invited to a friend's grandfather's birthday celebration.

Leave It to Beaver

The Bus Ride June and Ward allow Wally to escort Beaver on a bus headed to a friend's house in Crystal Falls. However, on one of the stops, Beaver inadvertently...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Violent Village On a fishing trip in a small Sierra Nevada town with his old friend, Sheriff Gene Norris, Mason gets sidetracked into a murder case when Phil...


The Divorce Duncan and Clara Farmington want to have the perfect divorce. What starts out as a simple division of property turns nasty as Leanne represents the...

Remington Steele

Steele Blushing When modest Laura turns up nude as a magazine's babe of the month and the credited photographer hires the Steele Agency for protection, a puzzled...

The Big Valley

By Fires Unseen Nick brings his bride-to-be back from San Francisco; the family doubts, however, that she’s ready to marry.


Uncle Oliver "After Chester & Matt meet Uncle Oliver, Chester feels uneasy after Viney suggests he "Get rid of Chester." Uncle Oliver feels Viney would be a...


Daddy-o "Kitty's father, Wayne Russell, arrives in Dodge to meet his daughter after abandoning her and her mother as a baby. He insists that saloon life is...


Enter Mark Twain Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) arrives in Virginia City and takes up a job as a reporter at the Territorial Enterprise. In order to sell newspapers,...

The Rifleman

Death Never Rides Alone A gunslinger rides into North Fork for a meeting with Lucas.

The Rifleman

I Take This Woman Lou looks for a way out when the man her dying father promised her to arrives.

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Clampetts Get Culture The Clampetts are having no success getting acquainted with their neighbors. Not to mention, the clan is having trouble with Mrs. Drysdale and Mrs....

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver And Gilbert The Cleavers have new neighbors in the Gates family and Beaver befriends their son, Gilbert Gates (changed to "Bates" in later episodes). However,...

The Brady Bunch

Is There A Doctor In The House? A wave of measles hits the Brady household, and there's uproar, as well as another battle of the sexes - the girls want a female doctor and the...

Gilligan's Island

Nyet, Nyet — Not Yet Two Russian cosmonauts land on the island in a space capsule.

Happy Days

Richie Fights Back After being embarrassed at Arnold's by a couple of hoods, Richie wants to take a jujitsu class to learn how to stand up for himself.

The Andy Griffith Show

Goober Makes History After Goober grows a beard, he fancies himself learned and becomes the unbearable bore of Mayberry.


The Nurses When Hot Lips confines Nurse Baker to her quarters, little does she know that Baker's husband has arrived in the camp. Hawkeye and B.J. put them...


Fallen Idol Radar wants to become a man so Hawkeye recommends he goes to Seoul. On his way there he is hit by a mine. Hawkeye performs surgery on him. After...

The Andy Griffith Show

Class Reunion Andy meets up with his high school sweetheart at their reunion and it appears they could be rekindling their relationship. But do they want the...

The Andy Griffith Show

Rafe Hollister Sings Rafe Hollister, a simple farmer with an incredible voice, is encouraged by Andy to enter the Mayberry singing contest, much to the dismay of the...

Mama's Family

Mama Gets A Job Despondent and feeling old and useless, Mama takes Naomi's advice and gets a job at a travel agency.


Hit Me With Your Best Shot Willie abandons his belief in pacifism after meeting the hostile father of the bully who's been pushing Brian around.

Hogan's Heroes

Crittendon's Commandos Crittendon is the only one to avoid capture when he and his commandos parachute into the area during a mission to capture Rommel.

Hogan's Heroes

Klink's Escape Hogan gets Klink to think he is about to capture a POW escape ring.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Alibi, The / Sisters, The / Toilet Tissue / Just A Gigolo In The Alibi, Harvey brings the circus home to prove his all-night alibi to his wife. Then, in The Sisters, Carol complains to anyone who will...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Final Fadeout After an unscrupulous television star decides not to continue with his hit show, the producer is in hot water. It's not surprising that a murder...

The Twilight Zone

Little Girl Lost To her parents' horror, a six-year-old girl vanishes into the fourth dimension after rolling under her bed.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Deadly Housewives being blackmailed by a plumber exact their revenge.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Miss Paisley's Cat A lonely woman learns to love a stray cat that wandered into her apartment.
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Climb A Deadly Mountain Forced to crash land a plane, Mannix gets rescued by an escaped convict who's being pursued by corrupt law enforcement officers out to silence him.


The Ghost Of The Dancing Doll A friend of Ed's goes missing after promising to take him on a fishing trip, and it soon becomes clear that he has become involved in a Mob...

77 Sunset Strip

The Reluctant Spy Stu searches for the reasons behind an old friend's hit-and-run death in Austria.
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